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Welcome. I work with agencies who want to rethink their sales approach and prospect more effectively. Whether you are interested in outsourced business development, new business strategy, agency positioning, list building, marketing automation, or training, you can get better new clients faster.

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John Heenan

Thanks, Chuck. Appreciate the kind words. Your comment is spot on.

Chuck Meyst


Great piece and great advice! In my days teaching new business myself, I found many instances where an agency created a position for a "New Business Person" but failed to support that person with the budget, tools, computer systems, prospect databases, mailers, etc. to do the job properly. And to your point and mine as well - unfortunately no amount of "advertising" or "content" will generate new clients for an agency. It takes personal contact.

I know many of our agencies know you but some don't. So – unless you violently object, I'm going to post this to the AgencyFinder website to share your message.

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