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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are well and safely navigating through this chaos. I work with ad agencies who want to keep their business development program running. From full-service business development to communication strategy, prospecting strategy, list building, marketing automation, workshops, training, and support.

Today you should stay in touch with your prospects, clients, suppliers, partners, and network. Implement a message strategy that demonstrates you are in this fight together. Share your expertise on what to do and what to say during a rapidly changing environment. Despite feeling helpless, there are many things you can do to retain relationships and help navigate through the uncertainty.

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Thanks for your thoughts Jerry. I've studied this very issue a lot and am a practitioner of new business for ad agencies as well but do not consider myself an expert by any means. I've done my own research among both advertising agencies who are trying to sell their services and marketing executives who are the buyers of agency services. You can download the survey results by filling out the form in the right column of this site. In case you haven't, you can read my latest post about cold calling here

In my opinion, there is no definative source for best practices. It is as much dependant on the personality of the salesperson as it is the buyer. There are broad percentages of success to guide us but still are enough exceptions to the rules to keep us comfortable in our bad habits. I suggest you ask your prospective customers how they want to be engaged, as I did in this post, and model your approach from the customer's perspective.

Good luck!

Jerry Witkowicz

These responses apply to all business people. It seems that our target buyers and even sellers are overwhelmed with information coming from digital content marketing, cold calls, social media and e-mails. Being on the receiving end I also see too many self proclaimed experts who send frequent content on various topics making it difficult to validate their expertise. I have also read many reports which indicate that buyers complete more than 70% of their purchasing cycle before they contact the vendor. I can understand why they are doing this.This makes prospecting very difficult. Is there a best practice that helps sales people reach their prospects?

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