The top reason your business development isn’t successful - #LetsGrow!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are well and safely navigating through this chaos. I work with ad agencies who want to keep their business development program running. From full-service business development to communication strategy, prospecting strategy, list building, marketing automation, workshops, training, and support.

Today you should stay in touch with your prospects, clients, suppliers, partners, and network. Implement a message strategy that demonstrates you are in this fight together. Share your expertise on what to do and what to say during a rapidly changing environment. Despite feeling helpless, there are many things you can do to retain relationships and help navigate through the uncertainty.

I want to help you get through this and come out prepared to win more clients and better clients. Click To Schedule A Call

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Thanks for pointing that out Mike. It's more a matter of hype versus information. Positioning is the initial, first impression a marketer recieves when investiagting your agency. What marketers don't want to hear is a positioning that is ambigious, fluffy, vibrato with no clear meaning as to their services or value; the Human Experience Agency, means nothing. On the other hand; "We turn geek speak into Human Expereiences" might satisfy the marketer's interest. Your positioning should tel a relevant relatable piece of information to help the marketer decide if they should continue or move on.


John, this data contradicts your data in a previous post. Here you say that it's important for New Biz people to have a clearly defined positioning and point of differentiation. But in the post "What do marketers want to know about a new agency?", the clients rank "agency positioning" as dead last. So perhaps positioning isn't the issue after all?

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