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Moksha media

good and informative

Sandra Michael

Good information it will definitely help the beginners and new entrants in the business. Worthy sharing. Thanks

Rudy Harper

Hi John,
You are following me as deeplyroasted ,a website which will be devoted to old school and Italian style coffee roasting, a curating effort which is backed by a friend of mine who sells the worlds best selling aficionado commercial espresso machine . Probably 80% of his cutomers worldwide are what as known as "third wave" roasters and retail stores. Third wave is not my thing. They have their place but it is an outcropping that arrived simultaneously with indie rock and the IPhone and only represents a small segment of the overall coffee market. It is ,however,the noisiest segment.
The second wave produces way more coffee internationally and the roasters in that world generally have better infrastructure in place than do the third wavers. The third wave doesn't have much of a handle on wholesale, for instance.Really good marketing attached to the second wave would have immediate results. You can easily leverage solid infrastructure. So,I am going after the luxury market ,the folks who still drink Peets and {shudder] Starbucks.

A branding agency here was introduced by me to one of the best candidates for a marketing boost. His sales are in 8 major cities to large hotels, he has one of the best roasters in the business and so , talks are underway and it might work.

My second job, also as a freelancer, is that I rep my son, who is a video director. He is repped by two agencies in London and Paris. I look for jobs here and elsewhere in the US. Seattle is transitioning quickly from a small market city to a big market city. The ad agencies here run the gamut from not so great to really great. I call all of them. What strikes me is how many of them have not bothered to position themselves. Some of them have hideous websites and the video samples on them look like 40 year olds are trying to be cool... lots of the usual fast cuts,imitating music videos but doing a bad job of it.

Here is where I want your take on something. We have gone direct to companies who either don't have an agency or have had us bypass their agency. This means we have to do some of the work upfront that agencies do, so we are thinking of going with it and figuring out how to charge for the non camera stuff. So far we have done some coffee clients , a large general contractor in Seattle and a pretty good size paint manufacturer in Portland [their agency is awful] .

Don't get me wrong...we are willing to work with agencies but they seem to move slow and not return calls. Nik has worked with several agencies in Europe including OgilvyMather and he has liked it. But we want to work a lot. What o you think of us being a hybrid that does some of the agency stuff and all of the film stuff.
Thank you and my apologies for being so long winded.

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