Is an agency pitch a fair fight? - #LetsGrow!

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Jesse Blackburn

The "Sometimes" response leaves a lot of nuance that is untouched. How often is there pre-pitch bias? Who is the decision maker that is forcing the bias and are they present during the pitch? Why did they get other pitches if they already made up their mind? How do they approach pitches that don't have bias versus the "sometimes" that do? What is different in their interest and interaction during those pitches?

John Heenan

Hi, Ruth. Glad you liked the post. That’s a great question and wish I had asked, but I didn’t. I have to believe it is part of the reason but to what extent I’m not sure. I can tell you I’ve sensed it many times when losing a pitch and as hard as I try to get it on the table in a post-mortem, no one would admit it. You’ve probably experienced the same. I have also heard from clients I’ve won that they wanted my agency from the beginning, so I’ve benefited from pre-pitch bias. Shame on me!

Ruth Ayres

I think this is stunning information. Do you think the answer takes into account mandatory 3-bid processes where client decision is made before RFI goes out?

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